It's important to be aware of the responsibilities as a Coach. Take time to read through the provided material to fully prepare yourself for the upcoming season.


Good coaching guidelines:

- Build a relationship: Building a foundation of mutual respect with each child allows them to put trust in you.

- Challenge them: Making the children think about different scenarios, allows them to get a better idea of the game and vision that you see as the Coach.

- Support and encourage: The children look up to Coaches as mentors and role models. Drive their passion and celebrate their results.

- Drive results: Successful coaches set goals for their team and make it a point to keep working towards them. 




Other helpful coaching tools:

Basketball Practice Plan

Soccer Practice Plans

Volleyball Technique Videos

Baseball Techniques 

T-Ball Practice Plan

Cheer Practice Plan

Flag Football Practice Plan

Gymnastics Practice Place


10 Tips for preventing sports injuries in kids and teens


Cold muscles are prone to injuries, so it is important to properly prepare the children for competition.

- Start with a slow jog around the area- do things like skip and hop intermittently

- Slow down and gather the children together, stretching the calves/hamstrings/quads/hips/arms

- Have the children do lunges, high skips, arm circles, and high knees together as a group

- The goal of these exercises are to prepare the children for competition and elevate their heart rates 



This is just as important as the warm-up. The cool-down allows the children to prevent muscle cramps and pain/stiffness later on after competition. This should be done closely after the competition has ended.

- Start with a very slow jog

- Stretch out any sore muscles

- Engage the children in conversation during this period about the game/practice

- Have the children drink adequate amounts of water to prevent dehydration and muscle cramping